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(A brief selection. More available upon request)
Sensory Systems showreel
A short rotating selection of highlights.
Shifting Homes
Virtual Reality Climate Change Production.
Featured as part of In Between Program for Venice Biennale 2021
Produced with DP Immersive and International Centre for Democratic Partnerships.
Mindgamers x Oculus
Experimental hybrid production incorporating VR and live performance @ Carraigeworks, Sydney.
Produced with Semi Permanent and Facebook
Mirarr World
Virtual Reality Educational program. Produced with DP Immersive and Department of Education.
Robomojo is an A.I. project based around reinterpreting popular culture in all its forms. As an early AI adopter, its initial incarnation began via trials of movie posters, before moving into experiments with A.I. video as the technology develops.
it's nice that, designboom, nerdist, vice, creativebloq
Megalopedia is an evolving lexicon for an evolving world. This playful visual dictionary is an ongoing personal project taking shape offline. Its first trial run was for Vogue Italia presenting a light-hearted lexicon catalogue based around fashion. Its next iteration is in progress, expanding to comprehensively cover the full spectrum of life, art, technology and social protocol. Will see the light of day in 2024... 2021